Left Right Think Tank

Left Right Think-Tank is Australia’s first inde­pend­ent, non-partisan think-tank of young minds with a mission to involve young people in public policy. Their vision is for a nation that seeks and embraces the ideas of young people. Aiming to help create a society where young people advise and are con­sul­ted on national issues of broad community concern, not just youth issues.


We were called upon to providing a strategic advisory plan to promote continued growth and development to engage young people in public policy.


Working closely with LRTT’s membership project champion, Will Emmett, the GCG project team structured this project into 3 phases over 12 weeks to:

  • Conduct an in-house workshop with key personnel to understand LRTT’s membership objectives and demographics.

  • Deliver fortnightly presentations to the executive team presenting our research findings and recommendations for a membership engagement strategy and value proposition.

  • Present a management action plan was to the LRTT executive team following our final meeting.

Deep Bhattacharyya