Post Placement Support Service

Client Profile

Post Placement Support services is an early intervention service that provides support to families formed through kinship care, permanent care and adoption.


We continued our work with PPSS this semester to undertake a feasibility study on a new volunteering initiative they were considering. Accompanying this study was to be a step by step guide and integration manual to ensure seamless integration with current operations.


On the outset we were tasked with identifying new channels PPSS could utilise to continue along their organic growth curve, as well as develop a feasibility and growth strategy guide to ensure recommendations can be executed as advised.

We identified potentially lucrative channels within the current volunteer structure, assessed the ’Time & Cost’, ‘Practical’ and ‘Risk’ considerations of such aforementioned channels. As well as highlighting regions within their internal ‘Growth Strategy’ that may be promoted to aid accelerated business development. Finally we generated a series of tangible solutions to combat the prevalent obstacles that currently impede PPSS’s organic growth.

Deep Bhattacharyya