About Us


What We Stand For

The Global Consulting Group (GCG) is a charity which provides pro-bono consulting services to other charities and not-for-profits.

We do this by connecting university students with experienced professionals who then work together to solve business problems for other charities, combining the energy and passion of today’s youth with the experience and wisdom of our industry leaders.

The organisation currently has 130 volunteers across several locations in Australia and has completed over 150 projects for clients such as the United Nations, Tedx, St Vincent De Paul and Left Right Think Tank. GCG is sponsored by Bain & Company and AlphaBeta, and has informal partnerships with a range of reputed consulting firms.


With Common Goals


Our Vision

We deeply empower those who do good to do better.

Our Mission

GCG provides industry-leading, innovative and pragmatic solutions to address our clients’ most pressing issues by building solid networks between not-for-profits, professionals and students while inspiring, training and empowering future leaders.


Our Values

  1. Set the Standard – We aspire to be leaders in our field.

  2. Be Candid – We say what we believe, even if it goes against established thinking.

  3. Connect and Share – We believe collaboration and open communication produces the best results

  4. Be Different and Better – We’re always seeking ways to innovate

  5. Empower yourself and others – We seek to improve ourselves and those around us.

  6. Have Fun on the Journey – We work hard but also celebrate achievements

  7. There's only One World – We do not shy away from taking responsibility for the social problems of the world - as complex, difficult and unsolvable as they may initially appear