Our Vision


“To deeply empower those who do good to do better”


We partner with a range of socially responsible corporations, government and university bodies to maximize the impact of not-for-profit organisations in their communities.

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“Joining GCG can be considered as one of the best decisions I made at university. GCG is not only a platform for me to develop skills that will benefit me career wise; it is also a place for me to meet talented people, network and most importantly, make friends.”

– Michael Wang, Project Consultant.

Our student consultants work in teams on real-world projects for not-for-profit clients. This work has a direct impact, helping clients to support communities in need and solve social problems. Students also work in a range of functional teams including Events, Marketing, Sponsorship and Human Resources.

We provide a range of formal and on-the-job training to help students to kick-start their careers. Our professional advisors, who deliver training and support specific projects, are from leading firms such as BCG, A.T. Kearney, PwC, and L.E.K. We also offer regular social activities, networking events, and have an alumni program, that together enable students to build a global network of support and opportunities.

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Not for Profits

“GCG has provided valuable appraisals for our own capacities and social enterprise and business markets we wanted to explore.”

– Michael Smitheram, Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker Project

We provide a consulting service to charities, eligible not-for-profits and social enterprises to help maximise their impact in the community. This service is provided at zero cost. We do this by bringing together three groups of volunteers: university students, not-for-profit industry specialists, and experienced consultants from some of world’s best consulting and advisory firms.

We have completed 150+ projects for clients including TedX, Urban Refugees, Teachabout and Inclusion Melbourne. Our expertise covers areas such as:

  • Fundraising and sponsorship

  • Membership programs

  • Expansion strategies

  • New program and service feasibility

We are committed to working together to deliver innovative solutions that make a difference to our clients.

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“It’s every consultant’s dream to not just work on issues that create economic value but (also) social value, and the clarity of purpose that GCG has around that I think is quite special.’
- Sek-loong Tan, Boston Consulting Group

We work with knowledgeable advisors with consulting backgrounds from firms such as A.T. Kearney, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, L.E.K. Consulting, PwC and more. All advisors volunteer individually in their own capacity and mentor a group of highly committed students, helping to build the knowledge and capabilities of our talented cohort. Advisors provide guidance, training and support to specific projects. This support strengthens the quality of our consulting service and helps our clients to achieve more.

By working with GCG, advisors have an opportunity to help create value for our not-for-profit clientswhilst developing their own skill set and professional experience.