Kenya Australian Charity Organization

Kenya Australian Charity Organisation (KAO) is aimed at furthering the health and education of communities in Kenya. KAO has supplied clothing, blankets, shoes, textbooks, hospital supplies and over 300 used computers to schools, hospitals and individuals in need. Volunteers in Australia collect and store the goods, with financial donations going towards the shipment of these items.


The project aimed at improving KAO’s ability to raise funds in order to fulfil their current and future objectives as a charity. This entailed the creation of a funding strategy, which was to be implemented in whole or in part during the duration of the project.

The long-term objective of this project was to enhance the image and awareness of KAO. To implement sustainable solutions that significantly enhance the flow of used equipment, books and other items of need. This in turn benefits the underprivileged communities in Kenya.


The project included the following components:

  • A comprehensive funding strategy that outlines how KAO can better raise funds in the future in order to carry out their aims as cited in their charter.

  • An initial implementation and testing of this plan in order to assess feasibility and practicality of the strategy developed above.

Deep Bhattacharyya