Inclusion Melbourne

Inclusion Melbourne supports adults with intellectual disabilities in finding their place within their communities, whether it is through employment, training or community involvement. Working closely with clients, Inclusion Melbourne delivers personalised services that consider the talents and interests of each individual.

Inclusion Melbourne is guided by a fundamental belief in the worth and value of every person, and their right to be recognised as an equal citizen. The organisation’s work is unique in that activities take place within the community, allowing genuine friendships to develop and clients to truly integrate with their communities. 

The organisation benefits from the support of over 175 volunteers each year, who contribute over 100,000 hours.

Opportunity: Streamlining Taxi Expenditure Processes at IM (2014)

Inclusion Melbourne engaged GCG consultants to re-engineer the organisation’s taxi expenditure recording system in 2014. Inclusion Melbourne was finding their current system to be ineffective. The involvement of too many third parties was causing issues with accuracy, and delaying the reporting of information to Inclusion Melbourne’s administration staff.

Responding to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) (2015–2016)

GCG consultants worked with Inclusion Melbourne in 2015 and 2016 to assist the organisation in adjusting to the changing regulatory landscape. Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), funding moved from a provider-based model to a client-based model.

Funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Ahead of the introduction of the NDIS in July 2016, Inclusion Melbourne engaged GCG consultants to perform costing and margin analysis. This allowed Inclusion Melbourne to determine the impact of the NDIS on their current activities and cost structure, and establish optimal pricing for their service packages under the new funding scheme.


Across two projects, each analysing the impact of the NDIS on various aspects of Inclusion Melbourne’s business model, GCG produced a number of deliverables. In 2014, this included a Cost Allocation report, analysing the cost drivers, cost allocation methods, and projected costs for Inclusion Melbourne. The team then made a series of recommendations for cost allocation into the future.


Through our work with IM we have been able to successfully deliver a costing framework that tracks and reports the key functional areas finances, as well as the implementation of an operating costs model pertaining to both IM’s key relationships and relevant coordinated streams, on both a employee and organisational level.

Deep Bhattacharyya