Hotham Mission Asylum Seekers Project

The Asylum Seeker Project works with the most vulnerable asylum seekers living lawfully in the community while they await the outcome of their claims for protection. Hotham works with children, women and men who have little or no income and face homelessness.


The first phase consisted of determining an ideal business model for Hotham to operate on as well as evaluating potential challenges. The second phase involved determining whether there was a business case for Hotham. The consultants were also endowed with the task of analysing Hotham’s current and future strengths. Other works involved the detailed investigation of the potential market, financial analysis and concluded with recommendations of implementation.


Fundraising strategies were developed as well as consultancy services. GCG also determined whether there was a business case for Hotham to establish a consultancy service.

Both phases of the project was completed and delivered within 12 weeks, a comprehensive plan was established all-inclusive with recommendations.

Deep Bhattacharyya