Extra Curricular Network Australia

ECNA is a student-run organisation that was established to widen student engagement with the community. It aims to educate and inspire young people to grow both personally and professionally through its development events and extra-curricular volunteering networks.


We were engaged by Extra Curricular Network Australia (ECNA) to help formulate a solution to one of their on-going organisational problems involving committee turnover.


What the project team did, firstly, after the ECNA project was taken on is an issue tree analysis. This framework allowed the team to find the root causes of the high turnover rate. These initial root causes were modified or changed as appropriate after a market scan was conducted. The market scan was a series of interviews with former and current ECNA members as well as other student and non-profit organisations that are similar to ECNA in terms of their organisational objectives.


Out of the 5 root causes, we determined through using a series of criteria and a rating system that a lack of a defined organisational structure was the most important factor affecting turnover rates of committee members. The recommendation formulated was that ECNA should implement the new organisational structure that the GCG project team had identified to be appropriate for the organisation given its current state.

Deep Bhattacharyya