Aussie Hands

The Aussie Hands Foundation Inc was formed in October 2000, to provide support, understanding and encouragement to parents, children, teenagers and adults with a hand difference. As well as raise the awareness of hand differences in the community and to provide a library of hand difference resource material.


We aimed to help Aussie hands to increase awareness and further develop their funding pool. In addition to analysing potential opportunities for cooperation between charities, educational and research institutions and businesses were identified.


  • Developed strategies for enhancing the membership pool in terms of annual-based targets

  • Developed & improved marketing strategies and subsequent implementation

  • Developed a marketing strategy to raise national awareness and ultimately allow for greater fundraising opportunities

  • Understood marketing vision and strategy of AH

  • Identified whether AH is leveraging its current networks to increase awareness

  • Analysed current marketing activities and assessed success rate in raising national awareness

  • Identified and corrected weaknesses within current marketing operations

  • Identified untapped opportunities within current marketing opportunities

Deep Bhattacharyya