Bagong Barrio Education Fund

The Bagong Barrio Education Fund is a not-for-profit sponsorship program that focuses on education as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty. The program supports the educational needs of the children of Bagong Barrio, the second largest slum village in Manila.  It brings together Australian (and international) sponsors who fund the education expenses of individual students.


GCG aims to deliver an analysis of BBEF’s current state and the environment in which it is operating in. The project team conducted interviews with some of BBEF’s stakeholders in order to gain a deeper insight into the organisation. Using information collected from the interviews and additional research, the GCG team conducted a workshop with the BBEF leadership team.


The objective of this project is to provide the BBEF team with a better understanding about the organisation’s core competencies and possible opportunities it can explore in the future. As such, the following were part of the solution:

  • Current state analysis of BBEF (internal and external)

  • A future state workshop with the BBEF Leadership Team


Ultimately, the outputs of the workshop and the accompanying analysis will be used by BBEF to develop its 5 year strategy. Monthly leadership team meetings was among the recommendations implemented by BBEF

Deep Bhattacharyya