St Vincent De Paul

GCG’s work has been invaluable to our organisation. We can now allocate our resources more effectively to better assist those truly in need."
-Peter Chiang, Former President, St Vincent de Paul Geelong

Client Profile

St Vincent de Paul (SVDP) is a not-for- profit organisation delivering help for those in need across Australia. Drawing on the power of thousands of members and volunteers, SVDP provides support to those in need, encouraging them to take control of their lives. Assistance is offered to clients through emergency relief efforts (the provision of food, clothing, etc.), as well as professional support (through referral to community services).


St Vincent de Paul Geelong (SVDP–G), which services the greater Geelong region, did not have a standardised system for measuring the performance of its core work – primarily home visitations. Recognising a need for such a system, SVDP–G engaged GCG consultants to develop Key Effectiveness Indicators, which would allow the Society to better monitor its operations and fulfil its mission within the region.


GCG consultants delivered the SVDP–G project in four phases, with two key outputs. A situational analysis was produced along with preliminarily discussion points, to ensure a sound understanding of SVDP–G’s key stakeholders. GCG consultants then delivered recommended Key Effectiveness Indicators, along with measurement processes to maximise the KEI’s effectiveness.


After working with GCG’s consultancy team, SVDP–G were able better evaluate their performance, and deploy resources more effectively. This meant that resources reached those most in need.

Deep Bhattacharyya