Victorian Mental Health Carers Network

Client Profile

The Victorian Mental Health Carers Network  is the Victorian peak body of organisations and individuals for carers of people experiencing mental illness.


We continued our relationship with them this semester to develop a go-to-market strategy for their Families as Partners training program.


We set out to help them identify their target customer segments, as well as the needs of each segment. In addition to determining the best ways to deliver the new training program; effectively get the training to market and the formulation of an appropriate pricing strategy.

We were able to provide at the end of the project 4 key deliverables. Firstly a design brief for an online delivery system, accompanied by recommendations for the software platforms / partners to provide this service. As well as a detailed layout of promotion and marketing methods. Joined by a pricing schedule differentiated by market segment, accompanied by a full profitability break down. Finally a road map for implementation and next steps to ensure that VMHCN can effectively use this recommendations and bring their new training platform to market as soon as possible.

Deep Bhattacharyya