Rowville Community Kitchen

“We share similar values of passion, commitment and professionalism in our work.”
-Christine Smith, Founder/CEO

Client Profile

Rowville Community Kitchen (RCK) is a not-for-profit organisation that has aimed to transform lives through food since its establishment in 2011.  RCK is more than just a kitchen, going above and beyond rescuing food which feeds less fortunate Australians.  It also trains disengaged youth and the unemployed, and provides a means for disabled youth to develop valuable and transferrable life skills.


In 2014, RCK was experiencing a period of rapid growth, and with strong support from the local council, had established itself as a community hub.  With a strong reputation, RCK sought to even further expand their reach and empower more people within the local community.

RCK had relied on oral communication and informal handwritten procedures for their daily operations.  Recognising the potential to update this informal procedure, GCG project consultants worked with the organisation, aiming to improve its operations and procedural documentation, and lay a solid foundation for the desired future sustainable growth and expansion.


The GCG project team has worked hand-in-hand with Christine and RCK recruits to develop key outputs such as:
- A list defining team member responsibilities
- Weekly schedule with all mapped activities and assigned roles
- A handbook containing relevant information and instructions to tasks for RCK members
The team also assessed the bookkeeping requirements of the client and recommended a tool that fits their needs.


The handbook has served as the basis to on-board newer RCK recruits, thus cutting down time and effort spent on training them. Step-by-step instructions and photographs have also enabled members (especially those with special needs) to adequately perform required tasks. 

Overall, the produced outputs have helped support Christine and her team to execute their day-to-day operations in a more efficient manner.

Deep Bhattacharyya